Colin Cowherd is at it again.

The FOX Radio loudmouth host went on a pretty good rant in support of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly on his podcast.

Cowherd has always been a supporter of Kelly, after all he is a Pac-12 alumnus. We all know how much adoration he has for that conference.

Nevertheless, Cowherd referred to the Eagles as the most improved team in the NFL the last five weeks of the season.

He then goes into detail about how Kelly is the equivalent of Uber or Netflix. Calling him and those companies "disruptors."

"People dont like disruptors," Cowherd said,

At 3-3, people would hardly agree with Cowherd in saying Kelly is revolutionizing the NFL. His first year in the league was something unexpected when the team finished 10-6, but since then it seems that opposing defenses have caught up to Kelly.

Still the Eagles seem to be in the drivers seat if they have plans on winning the division. If a certain quarterback can cut down on his turnovers, many Eagles fans can cut down on their nervousness.

Here is the rant AS TRANSCRIBED by

"For all you Chip Kelly critics out there, Philadelphia won (against the New York Giants). Name an NFL team that has improved more than Philadelphia in the last month. There's not an NFL team that looked so bad five weeks ago and now can win their division.

But the problem is, Chip Kelly is Uber. He is Netflix. He is a disruptor and people don't like disruptors.

He is what Netflix has done to television and movies. He is what Uber did to the taxi company. And guys, generally, are creatures of habit. Forty percent of Americans never leave their home town, they're comfortable. They like the grocery store. They like the stop light. They like to know the roads. They like their high school buddies. So Chip Kelly comes in and it's like I'm gonna change the game.

32 NFL teams. Name one that's averaged double-digit wins with mediocre quarterbacks in the last decade. Let's start with zero. He went 10-6 with Michael Vick and [Nick] Foles. Then he went 10-6 with Foles and [Mark] Sanchez....

You critics—this guy is absolutely fantastic. No team in this league has been coached up in the last month more than Philadelphia"

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