Aaron Altherr's impact on the Phillies lineup in just 5 games so far cannot be denied as the team has won three games during that stretch.  With 2 Home Runs, 8 RBI and a .333 Batting Average he has been a major offensive boost to a lineup that has been anemic this season.

Phillies Beat Writer Kevin Cooney joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday and talked about Alterr's potential as an every day player:

"The one thing about Aaron Alter that they love was he has power that you can put in the middle of that lineup that if you put him in through a whole season maybe he got 25 home runs…Is he going to be an All-star?  I don’t know but just a solid every day outfielder a guy who’s going to give you good defense and you know I think that’s underrated with this team…If you can throw next year a Starting outfield of Alter in left, Herrera in Center and Williams in Right, you’ve got a pretty solid core there and then you can start working on your other stuff."

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