Corey Brewer’s first contract with the Sixers is just for 10 days, but if things go well, he could end up sticking with the team for the remainder of the season.

Brewer, 32, provides the Sixers with a direct need off of the bench: a versatile wing defender capable of guarding multiple positions, running the floor, and knocking down an open three, if necessary. Brewer’s athleticism, length, and experience give him an advantage on the defense end over other current reserve options like Furkan Korkmaz, and could prove very valuable come playoff time.

Brewer brings the kind of veteran savvy to the Sixers locker room that Brett Brown is happy to have, and he has the M.O. of a player that Brown will trust in important in-game situations.

“The sort of standards and the qualities that Elton and I talked about was, one, just character,” Brown said to media members when discussing the addition of Brewer. “Bringing character into the locker room. A really close second and third is can he guard – we think at times we need help at perimeter defense - and third, can he make a shot? And you look at the character, you look at his defense, you look at his ability to shoot the ball, and then it’s all draped under, he won two National Titles at Florida, he won an NBA championship, he’s good people, you know, it all sort of fit, and we’re happy to welcome him into our team.”

Great teams need star players, and the Sixers have those in Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Jimmy Butler. But, top-tier teams also need willing role players – glue guys that do all the small stuff, and in Brewer, the Sixers have one of those, too.

“I’m like a glue guy,” Brewer said of himself when describing what he brings to the court for Philadelphia. “I do all the little stuff. I play hard. I’m going to run hard. The way Ben [Simmons] pushes it, I feel like that’s right down my alley.”

Sixers’ resident veteran J.J. Redick has competed against Brewer throughout his career, but now he’s excited for what he can bring to the Sixers.

“I think he’s like one of those active players that just comes in the game, provides energy, makes plays,” Redick said of Brewer. “He’s a high-energy player, has always been a great transition player and he can provide some energy and deflections defensively.”

There’s no guarantees when it comes to guys on 10-day deals, but Brewer certainly seems like a player that could stick with the Sixers.


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