During the summer the band Jimmy Eat World was on the beach in Atlantic City, little did we know at that time that drummer Zach Lind was a big Arizona Diamondbacks fan.

Now I am a big fan of their stuff, The Middle, The Sweetness, A Praise Chorus, Bleed America, Pain, and maybe my favorite A Sunday.

Lind, who is from Mesa, AZ, had an interesting night on Twitter/X on Wednesday to give Phillies fans a piece of his mind.

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"Listen Phillies fans," the drummer proclaimed.  "Go ahead and talk your shit. Blah, Blah, Blah. Your payroll is only $130,000,000 more than the D-Backs. Our team is young and playing with house money, win or lose."

That wasn't it, he took a little shot at the Phillies' physical appearances, saying its a "team full of dudes that look like they're awaiting their Jan. 6 trials".

He then seemed to cool off a bit and mentioned that he had no issue with the Phillies or their fans, but then commented on the lack of support from the Arizona fans and how little the Game 3 ticket prices are currently going for.

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