People feel terrible when they aren’t appreciated at work. Imagine how Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Rae Kellerman felt after she was not only trampled by Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten during the team’s nationally televised Thanksgiving day game but then was forced by team officials to shut down her Twitter account after joking about the incident. Melissa Rae is our crush today for getting run over in two completely different ways.

The Cowboys are completely in the wrong here. All Kellerman did was joke about the situation and say she was just a little sore. Is that really so awful? What’s got Jerry Jones in such huff? Can’t he just smile and laugh about all this like Melissa did? Is it because his face can no longer display normal human expressions? Perhaps it’s because Jerry passed away several years ago but rigor mortis still has him up and walking around. Perhaps Jerry is just brain dead.

Is Romo still the starting QB in Dallas? Oh yeah, then Jerry is totally brain dead. Nothing up there but leftover BBQ and confetti from Dallas’ last Super Bowl win.

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