For all intents and purposes, you've made it.

You're living large and lovin' in.

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You have the big house in the expensive neighborhood - it's what you've always wanted.

Do you feel a pressure to come up big on Halloween?

Are you anticipating hoards of little ghosts and goblins, trucked in from outside the neighborhood, because you're in the rich neighborhood and they're coming for the big treats?

Have you hit the stores to buy up the king-size candy bars?

All this sounds funny, right

Well, is there pressure for some neighborhoods to come up big? Do neighbors actually pressure each other to keep the reputation of the neighborhood alive?

Again, sounds funny, but, apparently, it actually happens.

This is an actual post made on the Nextdoor App in California:

Screenshot of Twitter - Best of Nextdoor
Screenshot of Twitter - Best of Nextdoor

Can you imagine trying to lean on your neighbors to cough up better candy on Halloween?

Trick or Treat!

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