The Jersey Shore town of Sea Isle City has a rich history dating back to the late 17th Century when Joseph Ludlam purchased the barrier island from a group of Quakers called the West Jersey Proprietors.  Originally known as Ludlam Island, the land was used for Joseph Ludlam's cattle and sheep.  Over the following decades, the Ludlam Family allowed visitors from the mainland to use the area for fishing and hunting.

The man who developed Hammonton and Vineland, Charles Landis, purchased Ludlam Island in 1880 and founded what we know today as Sea Isle City.  Landis' vision for the town was to create a seaside destination similar to what visitors to Venice, Italy experience with the waterways around the island.  Originally settled by fishermen and immigrant families, the island was divided in three sections for 80 years:

*Sea Isle City located in the center of the island, had a major railroad hub and station at the center of town to bring the first vacationers and visitors to the new town

*Townsend's Inlet which was the southern quarter mile of the island, later became a part of the Sea Isle Municipality after the devastating "Ash Wednesday" Storm of 1962

*Corson's Inlet was the northern quarter mile of the island, also was a railroad hub in South Jersey, was originally annexed to Upper Township in 1905, and later renamed Strathmere.

Over the next 140 years, the Sea Isle City became a popular vacation destination and a place for many people to escape city life or the monotony of life on the mainland.  For over a century, many South Jersey Locals and Regional Vacationers have made lifetime memories on one of the oldest Cape May County Shore Communities.

Remember These Places That Use To Be In Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Thanks in part to the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Sea Isle City has seen many changes over the years. Whether you grew up in South Jersey or vacationed multiple summers in Sea Isle City, you may remember some of these buildings and businesses that no longer exist. Which ones below do you remember most? (Special Thank you to the Sea Isle Historical Museum for helping me get these pictures and information)

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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