As the Sixers enter the All-Star Break, they are seventh in the Eastern Conference and on pace finish the season at 44-38, which would be the most wins by the team since 2002-03 and their first winning season since 2011-12.  But this would also be Head Coach Brett Brown's first winning season in Philadelphia after four consecutive losing seasons; Brown's coaching record currently stands at 105-278.  So does Brown deserve credit for the team's success this season or the blame for the lack of winning in previous years?

NBC Sports Philadelphia Pre/Post Game Sixers Analyst Marc Jackson joined The Sports Bash on Thursday discussing the perception versus the reality with Brett Brown and the 76ers:

“Coaches will tell you ‘Players win games, Coaches lose them’ no matter who is on your roster so (Brett Brown) will even tell you that – A lot of these losses have to (do with) them not having a stable health in the lineup, when Joel (Embiid) is out, when JJ (Redick) is out.  I think for this team to be really be clicking on all cylinders they need everyone healthy because this is not a team that’s Golden State filled with four All-Stars, this is not a team that has three Superstars like Minnesota; (Sixers) may have two as of  now but they don’t have three like Minnesota or some other teams….So they need everybody to really be in the lineup to be health, to be on all cylinders and when they’re not they have to manufacture wins – So Brett Brown is going to get the heat when they lose but when they win (the credit) is all going to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.”

Checkout what Jackson had to say about Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons, the Sixers comeback win over the Heat before the All-Star Break and more

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