Lenny Dykstra was a three-time MLB All-Star and the starting Center Fielder for two World Series participant teams: the 1986 New York Mets and 1993 Philadelphia Phillies.  The fan favorite recent came out with his autobiography House of Nails: The Construction, The Demolition, The Resurrection.

Dykstra joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and spoke about his memories of the late great Phillies Broadcaster Harry Kalas:

"Harry Kalas is the all-time best, I mean, greatest not only announcer, first time I really heard Harry Kalas was when I was actually playing with the Mets and we were in Philly and Davey Johnson takes me out after the First (inning), I get a hit and he takes me out and said "What?!?" So I go up the runway and I hear Harry K on there....he said I just got traded, so I got traded to the Phillies, the next clubhouse! So then me and Harry became buddies and me and Harry partied together....he was one of the great talented guys in all of sports, ever."

Checkout what Dykstra had to say about the medical reason why he took PED's when he played along with how the '93 Phillies were more wild than the '86 Mets

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