Los Angeles – Philadelphia Eagles fans are probably starting to line up at the Ben Franklin Bridge ready to jump if in fact Carson Wentz tore his ACL. It is still unknown how badly Wentz injured his left knee. A more definite answer is expected after he has an MRI later today.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams
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However, if those fears are realized, the players say they have total confidence in Nick Foles to do the job for however long he is needed.

“We know he prepares and we know he has had a lot of success in this league as a quarterback,” Safety Malcolm Jenkins stated. “We have a lot of faith in Nick. We are going to have to lean on him a lot if Carson is not out there.”

“Very confident in Nick,” Tackle Lane Johnson said. “He has had success in this league. You have seen what he can do. I think he has a chip on his shoulder. Moving forward, he has been working his tail off all year so come a situation like this, he was prepared.”

Foles has found success in this league and he did it in Philadelphia back in 2013 when he threw 27 touchdowns against just two interceptions in 13 starts. He also struggled at times including in 2015 as a starter for the then Saint Louis Rams. Foles threw just seven touchdowns while firing ten interceptions.

Foles took over for Wentz and managed the fourth quarter well enough to secure a win for the Eagles. He completed six of ten passes for 42 yards. None of those completions was bigger than a third down throw to Nelson Agholor for a first down in the final two minutes of the game.

“I think everyone feels good about Nick throwing the ball,” Jenkins said. “He made some throws late in the game like the one to Nellie, that is where you want that football. They were playing two-man. That is a dangerous throw, so you put the ball out in front of your receiver and allow him to make a play in a crucial point in the game.”

Life has a funny way sometimes of presenting opportunities in ironic situations. Now Foles is poised to lead a team that is on the verge of owning the top seed in the NFC playoffs in the city where he once earned the nickname ‘Nicky Franchise.’

Overcoming major injuries to key players is nothing new for this team. Already out for the season are Running Back Darren Sproles, Left Tackle Jason Peters, Special Teams Ace Chris Maragos and Middle Linebacker Jordan Hicks. Now the Eagles may have to go for some time without their starting quarterback.

“It is the story of our season,” Safety Rodney McLeod shrugged. “If you go down the roster and look at it. Some of our biggest playmakers are down and we rely on guys to go in and step into that role and they do it. That’s because our coaches prepare us hard and we make sure nobody misses a beat. That’s the story of our season. If we are without him, so be it. Nick Foles will step in there and get the job done.”

“No matter who we put out there I feel like this team has got something special in them and we are going to keep battling,” Defensive End Chris Long stated. “We have overcome injuries all year, we will see what happens.”

The belief in this team inside the locker room has been impressive to watch all season. If the Eagles can weather the storm that includes losing their starting quarterback, than that truly would be something special.

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