PHILADELPHIA ( - While it was very chilly Saturday in South Philadelphia, things are expected to change in time for Monday's game at Lincoln Financial Field between the Eagles and New York Giants.

It projects to be a weather game but not because of any deep freeze, temperatures in the 50s with rain are forecasted for Carson Wentz and Eli Manning, making his return to the starting lineup for the Giants due to the high-ankle sprain of Big Blue rookie Daniel Jones.

"With play calls, it’s really determined on really when we get to the game and see how much it's raining or the wind, all that," Eagles coach Doug Pederson said Saturday before practice. "You really just go in the whole week and prepare as normal."

Normal, though, includes keeping an eye on the favorite meteorologist.

"I think for me if I'm preparing the team I do want them to understand that there could be some weather coming in here, so obviously cleats, the grass, all of that. I want them to understand that we can make those adjustments now and prepare for that now," Pederson said.

The coach emphasized, though, the feel of a play-caller is what can't be determined until the last minute.

"You really don't know until you see exactly in-game how bad it's raining or the wind at that time," Pederson reiterated.

Wentz has been playing all season and has been through recent weather games in Buffalo (wind) and Miami (hot and sticky). The slickness of the ball, though, could be a first this season.

"We've done wet balls during the week before. We've done stuff like that," Pederson said. "Obviously, again, try to just prepare them mentally to go into any bad-weather situations."

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