In their first two games, the Eagles haven't done a great job of getting their tight ends involved in the offense.

Dallas Goedert, the third-year player who seemed poised for a breakout in 2021, has six catches for 66 yards on just seven targets. Zach Ertz, who is the best tight end in team history, has only three catches on a four of targets.

While Goedert production might be effected by having Ertz around, the team needs to find a way to get the two players more involved. Those two players are the most dependable players on the offense, but the team has failed to utilize them through two games.

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Eagles Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen admitted on Wednesday that the team needs make the tight ends a bigger part of their offense, but stated that it is very early in the season.

"Yeah, absolutely," Steichen said. "The tight ends are definitely a big part of the offense. We're in week two right now. We got a lot of football to play. We want to get everyone involved, like I said."

"And sometimes, right, we have schemed up routes to the tight ends and sometimes the coverage dictates where the ball goes. But obviously, we want to get those guys involved just like we want to get everyone involved, absolutely."

The Eagles’ lack of commitment to their tight ends is at odd considering how young their wide receivers are this season. While this years offense has some young promising skill players, the Eagles need to make it a point to incorporate the tight end into their scheme.

In Goedert and Ertz, the Eagles have a pair of targets that can be utilized to help make Jalen Hurts' life much easier, but the second-year quarterback hasn't thrown the ball over middle much in his six NFL appearances.

"Well, just in our first two games – I can't answer anything that happened last year, but in our first two games, that's where we wanted to attack on the defensive side.," explained Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. "Outside the numbers there and underneath a little bit. And so, that's just a product of who we're playing and what routes we have in for that week."

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