Wait and see.

That was coach Chip Kelly's response to not only the question about Darren Sproles status but what the Eagles will do if their running back is sidelined.

Kelly said Monday that Sproles sustained a MCL injury Sunday against New York, forcing him to miss much of the second half.  Sproles said afterward that he was OK.

"He's got an MCL sprain, so we'll see how long it's going to be," Kelly stated.  "It could be a week or two.  Could be back after.  We have a week off, so he'll get treatment and we'll assess him when we get back next Tuesday."

(Listen to Mosher Monday with CSNPhilly.com Eagles insider Geoff Mosher on the Sports Bash with Mike Gill)

Badly enough to potentially miss a significant amount of time like left guard Evan Mathis did last season when he sustained a similar injury?

"Obviously, Evan was out for eight weeks," Kelly said.  "So it didn't sound like it was going to be that long."

Philadelphia has limited options to replace Sproles should that be necessary.  Third-year running back Chris Polk is the only other back on the 53-man roster, but Polk didn't practice all last week after suffering a hamstring injury in last Sunday's win and missed much of the preseason with the same injury.

So with Sproles potentially out next week and Polk still out will the Eagles look to make a ?

"I didn't say anything like that," said Kelly.  "I just know we don't have a game this week.  We're not going to make any maneuvers this week, and we'll see what happens when we get back next week."

Molk Getting Better 

One of the big issues a lot of times when an offensive line losses its center is the communication factor.  Many times, the center is the player who makes all the calls across the offensive line and Jason Kelce is one of the best in the league when it comes to that.

David Molk has stepped in and gotten better of the past few weeks including in the area of making the calls and communicating.

"I think David has done a good job, but David just hasn't been Jason," explained Kelly.  "Jason is truly the quarterback up there.  It's like when you lose a DeMeco on the defensive side of the ball.  You've got a guy who has a really high football IQ in Jason, and David is just getting a little bit more comfortable in it.  But I think he's actually communicated well.  I don't think it had been an issue.  It was just more of everybody getting on the same page.  But it wasn't a communication issue."

No practice this week

Kelly updated the teams schedule this week with the bye coming on Sunday and talked about what his message was as the team prepares for a week off.

"Just we've got a good start, but we need to continue," Kelly said.  "Take this time this week you have off and just kind of get away and eliminate the stress in your life.  Relax, spend some time with your family, enjoy your couple days off.  They’re required to get two workouts in while they’re away.  We gave a strength and conditioning presentation to them in terms of what we wanted to get accomplished.  And [strength and conditioning coach] Josh [Hingst] and [sports science coordinator] Shaun [Huls] talked to them about what we wanted to get from a strength and conditioning standpoint, and we'll see them on Tuesday."

Kelly was asked if he had any concern that his team will be away from football for the first time since back in July.

"With this group?" Kelly asked.  "I have no concerns with these guys at all."


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