The Philadelphia Eagles had to be fearing the worst and hoping for the best when it came to Caleb Sturgis' injury.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport of ESPN, the Eagles are going to be missing their kicker for awhile.

Sturgis was injured early in the game, potentially on the opening kickoff during the Eagles season-opening win in Washington Sunday.

"Yeah, it was early in the game and it's just his lower body, his hip," Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said on Monday. "Again, we just have to get more information, and we'll have something for you probably on Wednesday."

While he kicked a couple of field goals and even kicked off late in the game, Pederson admitted the Eagles went for two-points in part because of the injury.  

"A lot of it was because of Caleb at that situation," Pederson said. "I didn't feel comfortable -- again, obviously he had to kick off after that, but I wanted to just limit the number of kicks."

The Eagles also reportedly will sign rookie kicker Jake Elliott off the Bengals practice squad.  Elliott was the No. 153 overall pick of this year's draft set many Memphis school records and is noted for having a very strong leg. 

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