PHILADELPHIA ( — Eagles coach Doug Pederson admitted his team will file away Odell Beckham Jr.'s touchdown celebrations on Sunday, which included a bulldog urinating and tweaking Malcolm Jenkins over his black-power salute during the National Anthem.

The enigmatic but ultra-talented Giants receiver did both during Sunday's 27-24 Eagles' win at Lincoln Financial Field.

"Our players see it," Pederson admitted Monday. "Our fans see it. I think it's one of those things you just sort of file away in the back of your mind, and you just remember those things. And you move on."

Moving on means a visit up the turnpike to North Jersey in December, which may or may not be all that meaningful considering the Giants' 0-3 start and continued struggles on the offensive line and with the running game.

Pederson was reluctant at first to address OBJ's act, which some find entertaining and others find disrespectful, before opening up a bit.

"It's unfortunate," the coach said. "I have to control our guys, obviously. Every other coach has to control their players. It's something that you don't want to see it, obviously, in the game. I think it takes away from a great play that he just made."

Beckham finished Sunday's game with a game-high nine catches for 79 yards and the two touchdowns.

He was also walloped by Jenkins in a pro-wrestling style high spot when he got behind Jalen Mills and may have been en route to another TD with a little over four minutes remaining in the game.

Jenkins was also flagged for pass interference but may have saved six points in the process. The question surrounds whether Jenkins got too aggressive because OBJ mimicked what he considers serious business during a TD celebration.

"I think it's possible," Pederson admitted. "I think. At the same time, it was a quick snap. Jalen Mills was caught off guard. Odell was behind our defense on that play. Malcolm knew that it was going to be a big play, possibly a touchdown, or wasn't going to be a play at all. He felt it was a good time to take a hit, take the flag."

The best way to stop Beckham's celebrations, of course, is to stop him from reaching the end zone but that's easier said than done.

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