Sports fans always like to use hindsight.

One thing fans love to do is go back and look at mistakes that their favorite team made in the draft. We could have had this player, instead we took that player.  If we took this player instead of that player we would have won a title by now.

Sometimes true, sometimes a bit far fetched.

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Like if the Eagles took Justin Jefferson instead of Jalen Reagor or D.K. Metcalf instead of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside.

But Pro Football Focus took a look at which Eagles draft pick has been the biggest disappointment since 2006 and this answer seems simple.

Danny Watkins.

Another team with a strong track record in the first round. Still, Watkins was an odd pick at the time as a 26-year-old guard and didn’t pan out. He washed out of Philly in two years and the NFL in three.

Watkins was the No. 23 pick of the 2010 draft, an offensive guard at of Baylor, who didn't have much of a football background. At 26-years old, he was the oldest first-round pick going back to 1971 and had more of a passion to be a firefighter than he did an NFL player.

Watkins played in 26 NFL games starting 18 with Philadelphia and Miami.

While PFF picked Watkins as the worst, there were others that could have been considered or at least could have been in the running.

Marcus Smith was was a horrendous pick during Chip Kelly's tenure as head coach. Smith was the 26-pick in the 2014 draft out of Louisville, and never made an impact with the team, barely getting on the field.

He totaled 6.5 sacks in five seasons with Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington.

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