Over the last couple of decades, many municipalities in South Jersey have been affiliating themselves with specific hospital systems for their Emergency Medical Services. This decision has given different communities better quality medical care and a direct link to regional hospitals.

In recent years, many municipalities have had their EMS affiliation with Inspira Health Network.  But with many of their Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers located in Cumberland, Salem, and Gloucester Counties; The Inspira Emergency Medical Services in Cape May County Communities created an interesting partnership.

Now two South Jersey communities have approved contracts with a new EMS partner. Both Middle Township and Lower Township have agreements with AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

The current agreements for the two townships with Inspira are set to expire in early September.  According to reports, Inspira informed both Middle Township and Lower Township officials that they "declined" to negotiate a new contract for Emergency Medical Services.

The coming change from Inspira to AtlantiCare in Cape May County's southernmost mainland communities is a timely move. Just a couple of weeks ago, the merger between Cape Regional Medical Center and Cooper University Health System received its final approval.

Starting July 1st, the only hospital in Cape May County will be renamed Cooper University Health System because of the merger. AtlantiCare has been attempting to expand their Medical Network in South Jersey and now Cooper has become one of their biggest regional competitors.

Inspira deciding to end its relationship with two Cape May County municipalities is an opportunity that AtlantiCare is taking advantage of and the townships are saving money. Both Middle and Lower will each be saving $40,000 in the first year of the new agreement for Emergency Medical Services compared to what they were paying to Inspira.

No word at the time of writing this article on how the change from Inspira to AtlantiCare will impact residents of Middle Township or Lower Township. Also, no official statements about how this may or may not impact the EMS first responders who work in the two townships.

Cape May County is the southernmost of New Jersey's 21 Counties and has more to offer than you may think.  Here are ten of my favorite reasons to live in and vacation in Cape May County:

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The history of Cape May County predates the formation of the United States of America by about 100 years as it was one of the first counties established in what was originally known as the West New Jersey Provence. Cape May County's historical records go back as far as 1685 and the County was originally established in 1692. Cape May County has been a huge part of my life and that of my family's for decades, so I wanted to share with you my favorite aspects of the southern most County in the state of New Jersey.

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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