On Tuesday the 76ers honored Julius "Dr J" Erving with his own statue as the organization continues to recognize the tradition of the team's legends of years past.  Erving, who was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1993, played with the Sixers for 11 seasons during which he was named to the All-NBA Team Seven Times while winning the 1980-81 NBA MVP Award along with the 1977 and 1983 All-Star Game MVP Awards.  During his 16 year playing career between NBA and ABA, Erving played with five players who are inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame including Sixers' stars Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, and Charles Barkley.

The 16-Time NBA and ABA All-Star Julius Erving joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and gave his perspective on the 76ers' current All-Star Joel Embiid:

“When (Embiid) is working the boards and he has that look of determination in and around the paint, he’s very much like Moses (Malone), a dominant force to be reckoned with.   There are just certain guys who have that knack for being where the ball is and Joel has that and some because he can stretch the defense by going out and facing the basket, shooting the three ball or making a play from the top of the key.  He’s definitely a better passer than Moses (Malone) was but he has the benefit of having Moses go before him and seeing what so many players have done before”

Checkout what Erving had to say about the 2017-18 Sixers team, how the NBA game has evolved, and look back on his legendary basketball career

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