It has been reported that there will be a 'active and real' trade market for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles once this season comes to an end.

But what about Carson Wentz?

With the way Foles has captured Eagles fans with another run in the playoffs, sports betting site BetOnline.AG decided to release odds on who will be the Philadelphia Eagles opening game starter for the 2019 season.

Philadelphia Eagles Starting Quarterback Week 1 2019?
Carson Wentz 1/5
Nick Foles 3/1 - (23.1% chance)

Backing up those odds, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has stated that Wentz is the guy once he is healthy.

"He's the guy we drafted and moving forward, he's our quarterback," Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said back on Dec 26.  "I don't have to sit there and keep encouraging – he knows that."

But with the way Foles has played, there has to be at least some thought of moving him and keeping Foles, if the offer was big enough, right?

Probably not.

But fans are asking, the question, should the Eagles now trade Wentz and keep Foles.  Its been one of the most discussed topics in the NFL this week, even with the coaching changes and NFL playoff games taking place.

Though ESPN's Adam Schefter, on the Adam Schefter Podcast (29 minute mark), says the Eagles could 'name the price', he spoke about the possibility that the Eagles would move Wentz in the offseason if Foles were to win another Super Bowl this season.

"I believe they are firmly committed to Carson Wentz," Schefter said on the podcast. I don't think at this time, at this time being the key phrase, that anything that happens is going to change that."

"Carson Wentz is a transcendent talent.  What Nick Foles has done has been incredible.  Nobody has done that much for the Philadelphia organization the Eagles, maybe in the history of football.  They've been unbelievable with him. He's been an underdog in four straight postseason games. He's come through with four straight postseason Eagles wins."

"What Nick Foles has done for the city, for the organization is magic, and if they beat the Saints again on Sunday - the question becomes more and more relevant with each win."

"I still can not imagine in my mind, that the Eagles would ever part ways with Carson Wentz and trade him away.  Saying that, whether its Jacksonville or Miami, or any team with a quarterback need or question - they would offer their rosters for Carson Wentz."

"So if Nick Foles continues to do this, I said at this time...A hypothetical here, the Eagles go up to win a second straight Super Bowl. Nick Foles wins a second MVP. At that time, I don't know how you get rid of Nick Foles."

"I don't think there is anything that is tempting the Eagles.  But if that happens...boy this gets interesting."

So where would discussions start to make a trade for Wentz?

"The teams that need a quarterback would give up anything (for Wentz). I have had people talk about this to me.  GM's wondering out loud what the price would be.  And you would not believe some of the discussions I have had about that.  In a hypothetical sense, Hall of Fame players back for Carson Wentz. "

"Its not this time," Schefter stated. "We reserve the right to revisit this subject after each Eagles playoff victory," he laughed.

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