PHILADELPHIA ( - Details have emerged in the reworked deal between the Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles with the main gist being Foles will receive a starter's stipend if he ends up playing for a significant period of time in the 2018 season.

That said, as stated many times, the plan remains the same at the NovaCare Complex and that's Carson Wentz against Atlanta on Sept. 6 and hopefully for 16 games and another deep playoff run after that.

Foles had already earned all $7 million of the money that was guaranteed to him on his original deal signed before the 2017 season to be Wentz's backup, the final $3M of that garnered in a roster bonus that came due in March.

Foles got an extra $2M up front to sign the new deal which includes what has been labeled as a "mutual option" but is one really designed to be a catastrophe safety net from the Eagles' standpoint.

Foles' 2019 salary is now earmarked at $20M, obviously not sustainable with Wentz around. Conversely, all Foles would have to do to hit free agency is pay back the $2M signing bonus he just received, which would be a pittance if the market viewed him as a starter next March.

As for this season, Foles will have major incentives that will push him past $20M if he's the full-time starter and the Eagles have sustained success.

While trumpeted as a creative solution to an awkward situation by those being fed the information of the deal, this is really more about a Donovan McNabb-trademarked financial apology to a guy who is now an icon in the city after leading the Eagles to a win in Super Bowl LII and could have garnered significantly more money elsewhere had Howie Roseman not asked for a king's ransom on the trade market.

The spin that Foles is content with his role as a backup and really has no further ambition because of a bad experience in St. Louis was always a shaky one.

Like any NFL player who has experienced significant success Foles believes in himself and would like the opportunity to be an NFL starter again.

The positive part for the Eagles, however, is Foles' reputation as a great teammate and the type of player who will accept his role is a legitimate one, even if it's not his first preference.

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