An amazing burger is something to enjoy and savor, and summer at the jersey shore and a good burger go hand in hand.

If there is one food that is simply universally loved by all, it is the hamburger and there are a ton of great burger joints down the shore.

Whether it is a simple cheeseburger or something a little bit more deluxe, we can all appreciate a great hamburger.

So let's look at who has the best burger in the area.

Where is South Jersey's best burger?

These are the five best burgers in our area (Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland counties) according to writer Pete Genovese, who tried every burger on the list and ranked the best 33 he could find throughout the state.

Coming in at No. 33 on the list, we travel over the bridge to the island of Brigantine, home of the Broski Burger at Kook Burger.

The Broski Burger here, with bacon, jalapeños, goat cheese and sriracha mayo, has more personality and fire than the standard Kook Burger.

Kook Burger is located at 3101 Revere Blvd Unit B in Brigantine.

Next up is the Big Schmacc Burger at Tony Beef, which has location in Galloway and Somers Point and lands at No. 24 on the list.

The Big Schmacc features two beef patties, American cheese, homemade sauce, lettuce, pickles and diced white onions. It’s a handful.

Check out Tony Beef at 195 S New York Road in Galloway or at 17 Bethel Road, Somers Point and try the Big Schmacc Burger.

Google Maps
Google Maps: Tony Beef, Galloway

Cracking the Top 20 is the Viking Burger at Vagabond Kitchen and Tap House in Atlantic City.

The Vagabond viking burger is a hefty handful; dig the Vagabond name imprinted on the bun. Order the burger, a side of fries with the sriracha mayo dipping sauce, and a cold one, and you’re all set.

Located at 672 Trenton Avenue in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City. The burgers name is a hat tip to the Atlantic City Vikings, the local high school mascot. Vagabond also has a second location in EHT, which is home of the Eagle burger, which is the mascot for the EHT high school.

AC Production 3
Google Maps: Vagabond, AC

Inside the Top 20 at No. 16 is Jim's Lunch out in Millville.

Jim’s Lunch is Millville’s heart and soul. It was founded in 1923 — 100 years ago. The burgers are legendary, and you must have them with the house “secret sauce.’'

Located at 105 East Main Street On High and Main Street, Jim's is a must-stop if you are in Millville. If you go, if its the right time of the year, you may even run into Mike Trout who has been known to indulge in a burger from Jim's Lunch in the offseason.

AC Production 3
Google Maps: Jim's Lunch, Millville

The highest ranked burger from out area?  How about the Smokehouse burger from Outlaw’s Burger Bar & Creamery in Vineland, which landed at No. 13 on the list, highest of any burger from Atlantic, Cape May or Cumberland counties.

The “most wanted” burger is the smokehouse, topped with onion rings, bacon and house-made barbecue sauce.

Located at 1370 South Main Road, this is another must-stop if you are in Cumberland county and it even has some outstanding desserts to try if you go there for the burger.

Google Maps: Outlaw's Burger Barn & Creamery, Vineland
Google Maps: Outlaw's Burger Barn & Creamery, Vineland

So what burger is your personal favorite?

While you're thinking about it, here are some more great burgers from Atlantic County you need to try!

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