VOORHEES — It’s something the Flyers would probably like to bottle up if they weren’t so confident that they could do it again.

Saturday night they put up a half dozen goals and, unlike last year, scoring isn’t their problem.

“We barely had any goals in the first three or four games I think it was,” Wayne Simmonds said. “We struggled with that last year, but this year I think with the way that we’re transitioning the puck with the defensemen, I think we’re a lot more confident in our system and relying on the forwards to be back for them. They get that extra jump. I think our defense has really, really been helping us.”

Indeed, last year the Flyers had only eight goals in their first five games. This year they’ve more than doubled that to 19 and scoring is up around the league.

The Flyers are tied for third-highest in the NHL with a goals-per-game average of 3.80, through Saturday’s action. The league average is 3.02 and last year the Dallas Stars led things with an average of 3.23.

“That’s good for hockey,” said Jake Voracek, who leads the Flyers in points with two goals and five assists. “I don’t think it’s going to stay at this pace, but it’s a good start for hockey like that.”

Even in scoring six goals, the Flyers’ game was hardly perfect against the Carolina Hurricanes in a 6-3 victory. They had some suspect play in the neutral zone and had lapses in defensive coverage leading to a pair of back-door goals. While it had been a problem in the past to be confident in scoring it no longer seems to be, so the Flyers can hang their hat on being able to cover up mistakes with some goals.

“Everything comes from skating,” Voracek said. “We’re skating much better than we did last year. The guys are better prepared. We’re used to the system, too, and that (coach Dave Hakstol) it’s his second year here. We know what we’ve got to do to be successful. So far in our five games I think we’re skating pretty well so I think that’s why we’re scoring so many goals.”