NEW YORK— Only a handful of days on the job and veteran Mike Knuble is already a big factor in the Flyers’ special teams.

Such is life in a shortened season. If one option doesn’t work, plug in another one. There’s precious time to play around and hope for things to get better.

And boy do the Flyers hope their special teams get better. The greater emphasis had been on the penalty kill, which is a paltry 67.7 percent, second to last in the NHL.

That is until last night, when a 5-on-3 opportunity for 1:17 in the second period could have changed the game, but the Flyers came up with two shots, some pressure and nothing on the scoreboard.

“Special teams are even more important this year,” said Knuble, who logged 2:19 of power play time on the second unit. “We have our 5-on-3 chance and it doesn’t go. To be honest, it wasn’t a big threat either. We know we have the guys that can make plays and do it, but in a big moment in the game, that’s huge to not get one there.”

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