(November 25, 2020): On Wednesday's edition of Football at Four, Geoff Mosher joins The Sports Bash talking:

*Why does Doug Pederson keep giving bizarre answers to media questions about Carson Wentz

*How are other NFL Quarterbacks able to make easy completions and Carson wentz can not

*Is Carson Wentz career in Philadelphia salvageable or is the end of his career as an Eagles closer than we expected

*What is the reason for Carson Wentz indecisive play and is there a crisis of confidence with the Eagles Quarterback

*How much does the injuries and hits Carson Wentz has dealt with impacted his regression as a Quarterback

*Are the injuries on the Eagles Offensive Line caused more problems for the Offense and Carson Wentz than some people want to admit

*Was the Eagles roster build without the proper depth needed to deal with the numerous injuries the team has dealt with this season

*Why is there an overvaluation of NFL Draft First Round picks and so much misunderstanding how winning NFL teams are constructed

(Geoff Mosher is an NFL Reporter and Eagles Insider who Co-Hosts "Inside The Birds Podcast" along with writing for Insidethebirds.com)

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