(January 5, 2021): On Tuesday's edition of Football at Four, Andrew DiCecco joins The Sports Bash talking:

*Did Jalen Hurts play well enough for the Eagles to choose to move forward with him as their Starting Quarterback

*Should the Eagles be concerned with Jalen Hurts below NFL Average completion percentage when he played his rookie season

*If the Eagles Offensive Line is healthier and played better, would the team get better play from the Quarterback position with either Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts

*How much should we factor in the throw away pass attempts by Jalen Hurts when comparing his season to Carson Wentz, who was not doing that this season

*Is there a way Carson Wentz is back as the Eagles Starting Quarterback for the 2021 season

*Perspective on Doug Pederson saying he has not spoken to Carson Wentz about the reports about Wentz in recent weeks

*Can Doug Pederson continue to lead the Eagles Locker Room if he is not communicating well with them about things such as playing Nate Sudfeld and benching Jalen Hurts

*Will players hold it against Doug Pederson what he did in the final game of the 2020 season and is the relationship with Veterans starting to be fractured

*What is the biggest differences between drafting Sixth overall and Ninth overall in the 2021 NFL Draft

*With the numerous holes the Eagles have on their roster, would the Eagles actually draft a Linebacker like Penn State's Micah Parsons

*Did Alex Singleton show enough with his play that he will be a starting Linebacker for the Eagles in the 2021 season

*What is Josh Sweat's role for the Eagles Defense heading into the 2021 NFL season

*What players who were forced into action to play for the Eagles were impressive enough to be back on the roster next season

(Andrew DiCecco covers the Eagles for 973espn.com and is a Contributor to InsideTheBirds.com)

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