(February 2, 2021): On Tuesday's edition of Football at Four, Andrew DiCecco joins The Sports Bash talking:

*What would the reaction of the fans be if the Eagles selected Tight End Kyle Pitts in the NFL Draft

*If the Eagles are seriously considering drafting a Wide Receiver in the first round, would Kyle Pitts be a better option for the Eagles offense

*What would Kyle Pitts bring to the Eagles Offense as a Rookie in 2021

*What impact does Eagles new Quarterback Coach Brian Johnson have in the team's decision to draft the Florida star Tight End

*Is Kyle Pitts a better NFL Prospect than the top three Wide Receiver Prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft

*What would make Jaylen Waddle an interest prospect for the Eagles at the sixth overall pick and what concerns are there with drafting him

*Should the Eagles goals this offseason to customize the offense for Carson Wentz

*Is Richard Rodgers a viable second Tight End option for the Eagles this upcoming season

*Do the Eagles have enough talent at the Wide Receiver position or do they have to add more players to the core group

*What do we read into the job the Eagles Wide Receiver coaches have done over the last five seasons

*Do we expect Nick Sirianni to be a better coach than a speaker during his tenure as Eagles Head Coach

*Would Carson Wentz really be open to a Quarterback Competition especially if the message comes from the new Head Coach

*What is a better option for the Eagles: staying at Sixth Overall or trading down to get more picks

*Should the Eagles give up on Andre Dillard as the team's future at Left Tackle

*Would other teams be interesting in trading for Andre Dillard if the Eagles want to move forward with Jordan Mailata at Left Tackle

(Andrew DiCecco covers the Eagles for 973espn.com and is a Contributor to InsideTheBirds.com)

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