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Here is today’s show: Friday September 14th, 2012.





Opened up the show today talking Eagles Ravens and what the keys are to a victory from the Eagles. Mike Gill is not a Torrey Smith guy and believes the Eagles defense, after a strong showing last week against the Browns can have a repeat performance. Mike Vick can with the game for you, but he can't do it by himself.


Ryan Messick

Our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick was LIVE at Novacare today for the Eagles final practice before the home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Messick says Mike Vick seems to be a little annoyed from dealing with the constant questioning of his decision making, turnovers, pocket presence and sliding instead of diving. Also, Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson both are listed as questionable on the injury report and Andy Reid says he has a game plan in place if one or both cannot play. Follow Ryan Messick on Twitter.

Injury Report

Joe DeRosa, Eastern Shore Physical Therapy, had a full slate of significant Eagles injuries to go over with us today including DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. On the Maclin hip: DeRosa said there's a difference between a pointer and a flexor. On the Jackson hamstring injury: DeRosa said they can linger, but Jackson's seems to be just a tweak if he was back at practice two days later. Does Joe think Maclin and Jackson will both play on Sunday? For more information and to contact Joe DeRosa call 609.601.6140.


6-Pack of Picks

Mike Gill (1-2): Seahawks +3 1/2, Patriots -13 1/2, Browns +6 1/2

Todd Ranck (2-1): Steelers -4 1/2, Texans +7, Bengals -6 1/2


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Pete’s Picks returns for another season on The Sportsbash. This year me, Mike and Todd go head-to-head in a matchup of Sunday NFL games.

1. Saints -2 1/2 @ Panthers

2. Redskins -3 1/2 @ Rams

3. Bucs @ Giants -7

4. Vikings -2 1/2 @ Colts

5. Lions @ 49ers -7

Pete Giordano: Saints, Redskins, Bucs, Colts, Lions

Mike Gill (2-3): Panthers, Rams, Bucs, Vikings, 49ers

Todd Ranck (2-3): Saints, Redskins, Giants, Colts, 49ers


Dave Weinberg

Dave Weinberg, Press of Atlantic City joins us every Friday at 4:05 to preview and predict the Eagles matchup. Dave thinks the Eagles offensive game plan will be much different that it was last week. Also, he's still not sold on King Dunlap at LT and wants to see Dunlap do it in multiple games. Read Dave Weinberg's coverage from Press of AC.


Vinny Cerrato

For our Outside View, caught up with former Redskins GM and current Baltimore area radio host Vinny Cerrato. As a former GM, Cerrato said he wasnt sure about the Ravens being a better football team than the Eagles. LeSean McCoy could have a big game seeming that the "Law Firm" is still running on the defense. Cerrato was a GM for the Redskins and played the Eagles a lot in his time and he said that Andy Reid tends to become pass happy, but Reid's game plan still gained over 450 yards.


Top Tweets


Why Eagles/Ravens Will Win

Took callers this segment on why YOU think the Eagles will beat the Ravens. If the rant was good enough, you'd win a 4-pack of tickets to go see WWE Smackdown this Tuesday. Here's a sample, some good and some not so good:


Ryan Messick's 5 Keys to the Game

1. Eagles break up rhythm of no-huddle offense

2. Protect Mike Vick

3. Health of Eagles WR

4. Defensive communication

5. Turnovers


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