We looked at each other during a mid-summer hike (actually more of an extended stroll) in a south Jersey state forest that was latticed with sandy road and trail capillaries, many of the former leading to the main vein drive.

“Why would anyone do that,” was the question we asked each other as we stared at a plastic bag of trash that was discarded roadside.

What? No trash pick up at home? No dump to drive to and dispose? Why? Just too effing lazy and, or, uh, maybe too drunk to care?

We walked by, muttering and shaking our heads as to the whys of the litter.

In the parking lot, another couple, silver haired and well traveled as per their SUV bumper stickers and out of state plates was heard asking “Are New Jersey hikers all slobs?” The forest’s camping areas, including tents, shelters, lean-tos and cabins were nearly full, so a lot of eyes saw what was most likely only one of several, if not more, examples of Slobdom.

Fast forward four months. Walking a road in the Stafford Forge wildlife management area on a brisk November Saturday, we were deciding which of the few field edges we should probe, as the tract was stocked with pheasants the evening prior. It was nearly noon, and the majority of the orange cap/vest legions in position at the sunrise legal hunting time had departed. We hadn’t heard a shot in nearly half-our.

“Look at that!”

That wasn’t from us, but a couple walking their Labradoodle somethings. Man and woman wore orange caps and vests, the pooches adorned in orange vests. Smart precaution.

A NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife “diamond” sign stapled to a tree notifying all this was public property open to hunting and funded primarily with hunting and fishing licenses, was riddled with bird shot.

As we passed, the woman mentioned something along the lines of “Hunters suck!”

While not litter, per se, the sight was just as appalling as the bag of trash, if not more so.

Let’s clean it up people!

From the area resident household getting rid of its trash, to the hunter/angler leaving behind spent shells, empty hook packets and/or bait containers, or defacing signs, it all reflects on outdoor enthusiasts as a whole. We’re better than that!

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