The Philadelphia Eagles failed to score an offensive touchdown and suffered a 33-13 blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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The Eagles trailed from the opening drive and never recovered. They allowed three touchdowns and one field goal on the Cowboys first four drives and trailed 24-6 at the half. The only touchdown for the Eagles came on a Jalen Carter fumble recovery that he returned for a touchdown.

The loss dropped the Eagles into a tie for first with the Cowboys in the NFC East. They are also now part of a three-way tie for the top overall seed in the NFC with the Cowboys and 49ers.

This team looks tired and rundown. They need to regroup and finish strong over the final month of the regular season. If they win all four games, they will win the division title. That begins next Monday night in Seattle.

This is an ugly report card. Here is the latest edition of Grayson's Grades:




Darius Slay - Slay did a good job in coverage. Dak Prescott threw at him six times and completed none of those passes. Slay did commit a Pass Interference penalty on one pass attempt but other than that, Slay did his job. He finished the game with four tackles.

Haason Reddick - Reddick continues to be one of the most consistent pass rushers on this defense. He managed to get to Prescott twice for two sacks. Reddick needs to keep playing with that motor running on high. He finished with three tackles, two sacks, two tackles for a loss and two quarterback hits.

Fletcher Cox - Cox made one of the biggest plays of the game for the Eagles defense. He got to Dak Prescott and sacked him while also forcing a fumble. Jalen Carter picked up that fumble and returned it for a touchdown. Cox seems to do pretty well when he is in there and makes the most of his snaps. He also drew at least one penalty against the Cowboys in that game. He finished with three tackles including one sack, one pass defended and one quarterback hit.

Jalen Carter - Carter did not light up the box score but was part of the biggest defensive play of the game for the Eagles. He scooped up a fumble by Dak Prescott and returned it for a touchdown. It brought the Eagles back into the game in the second half. Carter tallied that fumble recovery and one tackle in the game.


Offensive Line - The Offensive Line did some good things and some bad things, hence the 'average' grade. They committed too many penalties and at times let the pass rush force Jalen Hurts to hurry his passes. But other than that, they blocked well in the running game. The Eagles averaged 4.6 yards per carry.


Jalen Hurts - Hurts committed the mortal sin in football, he fumbled at the end of a good run and that is what is driving this grade. After sliding on almost every run he has made this season, he tried to fight for every yard in this game and it cost him a fumble and a turnover. It kept points off the board for the Eagles when they desperately needed a score. Hurts did run better in the game than he has in the past this season carrying it five times for 30 yards. At times on a blitz, he failed to hit his hot receiver resulting in incomplete passes. Hurts completed 18 of 27 passes for 197 yards.

DeVonta Smith - Smith also committed the mortal sin of fumbling at the end of a good play. He made a nice catch, turned it upfield and was met by a couple of Cowboys at the same time. One of them managed to punch the ball out of Smith's hands leading to a turnover. That was yet another drive that could have put points on the board, instead the drive ended with nothing to show for it. Smith caught five passes for 73 yards.

AJ Brown - Brown also committed the mortal sin of fumbling and turning it over. He made a nice catch over the middle and turned to head upfield when he had it ripped out of his hands. He rarely makes that kind of mistake and had a decent game outside of that. But given the role turnovers played in this game, it is inexcusable to have that happen. Brown caught nine passes for 94 yards.

James Bradberry - Bradberry had a rough game. He was target frequently by Dak Prescott. Prescott completed six of nine passes thrown Bradberry's way for 63 yards and a touchdown. He finished with five tackles.

Bradley Roby - Roby also had a tough day in coverage. He was targeted on six pass plays and allowed four completions for 46 yards and a touchdown. In general, it seems this secondary allows too big of a cushion in coverage.


Nick Sirianni - The Eagles were outcoached in this game. It was a failure to come off the loss to the Niners and get behind as quickly as they did here. Sirianni has to figure out why his team keeps digging first half holes and he has failed to do that. The Eagles have trailed at the half in each of their last six games. The opponent seems to diagnose pretty easily what is coming and his offense is turning it over way too much. There were way too many penalties as well in this game. The Eagles were called for ten penalties for 95 yards.

Brian Johnson - Johnson's offense still lacks a rhythm. In his defense, he did have the offense moving on three different drives that all ended when his players fumbled it away. He can't be out there carrying the ball so that is not on him. However, they failed to feature the running game in the first half again and when they did go to it in the second half it was having success. The Eagles continue to have Red Zone issues going 0-for-1 in the Red Zone in this game.

Sean DeSai - DeSai's defense is not disguising anything well at all. The Cowboys almost seemed to know exactly what they were facing. The defensive line looks tired and the linebackers are late to get to the running lanes. The defense did score the Eagles only touchdown of the game; however, they are failing to hold teams to third and long. The Cowboys were nine of 16 on third down aided mostly by the fact that a lot of them were third and short. The Eagles are failing to win a lot of the time on first down which makes moving the chains that much easier.

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