PHILADELPHIA - The Philadelphia Eagles wore down and ultimately outlasted the Green Bay Packers in a high-scoring affair beating the Packers 40-33 Sunday Night.

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The Eagles dominated on the ground and it led to some lopsided stats. They ran 30 more plays than the Packers and gained an even 500 yards of total offense. They ran the ball 49 times for 363 yards.

The defense had issues once again trying to stop the run. However, they did pick off Aaron Rodgers twice, sacked him three times and ultimately knocked him out of the game due to injury.

Here is the latest edition of Grayson's Grades:

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Jalen Hurts - Hurts did it all in this game. He established his legs early. It showed how difficult the Eagles were going to be to stop on the ground. He also made some good passes and did whatever was needed to help lead his team to victory. Hurts carried the ball 17 times for 157 yards. His longest run went for 42 yards. He also completed 16 of 28 passes for 153 yards and a pair of touchdown passes. Some of the little things that he also does well were getting out of sacks and throwing the ball away. He strings out plays as long as he can while heading for the sideline and gets rid of it. Hurts stays out of a lot of negative plays which really helps his team succeed.

Offensive Line - The offensive line not only won the battle up front but dominated the Packers at the line of scrimmage. They were a huge reason the team nearly set a franchise record for rushing yards. Jason Kelce was frequently winning his matchups. He was also great at getting to the outside and climbing levels of the defense to block someone. Jordan Mailata, Lane Dickerson, Isaac Seumalo and Lane Johnson were spectacular in this game. The Eagles rushed for 363 yards and three touchdowns. They also had the ball for 35 minutes. A lot of the credit for that goes to the play of this offensive line.

Miles Sanders - Sanders set a new career-high with 143 rush yards on 21 carries. He had some good holes to run through and also scored a pair of touchdowns. He also showed patience on some runs to allow more time for the hole to develop and go through. Sanders did a good job of not going down at the point of first-contact. He is having a very solid season and doing it at the right time. Sanders is currently playing his final year under a prove-it deal. He did a little in the pass game too catching three passes for 17 yards.


Nick Sirianni - Sirianni made some good calls in this game at difficult times. His decision to let Jake Elliott boot a 54 yard Field Goal late in the game was obviously the right one. I thought he should have gone for the first down there because I did not trust the kicking game with the wind at the Linc. Sirianni did choose to go for it on fourth down and was stopped; however, his offense was out of sync on that play and it led to a turnover on downs. I still think it was the right decision to go for it. The Eagles are nearly unstoppable in those situations and beat themselves with a bad snap and bad timing.

Shane Steichen - Steichen did a great job of noticing the run game was dominating and decided to stick with it. He saw his offensive line winning their battles and let them continue to dominate and be physical on run downs. As a result, they were able to have the ball roughly ten minutes more than the Packers. The Eagles also ran about 30 more plays than the Packers. Just about every time the Packers scored, the Eagles would answer with some points of their own. It help break the spirit of their opponent.

Reed Blankenship - Blankenship only got on the field due to an injury to CJ Gardiner-Johnson. He made that opportunity count. Blankenship came up with a big interception that ended a Packers drive. He also tied for the team lead in tackles with six. His performance was even more impressive when you consider that he probably saw little to no time with the starters in practice.


A.J. Brown - Brown caught a touchdown pass in this game. He also fumbled it away on a key drive in the first half that led to a touchdown by the Packers. I love the effort Brown shows to get extra yards after the catch; however, he has to cover that ball up with both arms when he knows he is going to get popped. Brown caught four passes for 46 yards and a touchdown.

Jake Elliott - Yes, Elliott did miss an extra point. It was part of a very windy game. Elliott proved to have ice in his veins though booting a 54 yard field goal with just over two minutes to go. That kick put the Eagles up by ten. It was a similar kick to the one he made from about 61 yards out in 2017 to beat the Giants.

Fletcher Cox - Cox looked like a younger version of himself blowing up the offensive line and at times blocking them into the hole and forcing the running back to go where another Eagles defender was waiting. Cox finished with two tackles, one for a sack, two tackles for a loss and one quarterback hit. It was nice to see, but he still has to do a better job along with the rest of the defense in stopping the run.

Josh Sweat - Sweat had a big sack on a third down on the Packers opening drive that ultimately lead to an interception. Perhaps more than that, it applied some pressure on the Packers as the Eagles raised their lead to 13 points. Sweat did get into the backfield a few more times but was never able to register another sack. He finished with three tackles and one sack.


Jonathan Gannon - Gannon's defense was exposed in a big way in the loss to Washington. Since that loss, the Eagles have not done well at stopping the run. Gannon should be able to draw up some schemes in practice throughout the week to be prepared to stop the run. Instead, they continue to get gashed.





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