The Hamilton Mall is dying.

Rumors of Macy's closing might not be true (for now), but the rest of the mall is dying a slow death, but there are ways to fix it.

Yes a new furniture store is moving into the old JCPenney / Shoppers World space, which is nice, but I'm not sure that is going to bring people back and fill the mall.

I have been to the Deptford Mall and the Cherry Hill Mall recently and yes people were there.

So why are there people shopping there and not at the Hamilton Mall? I know more people live in those two area than our area, but there was a time when the mall had plenty of foot traffic and shoppers.

While on-line shopping is part of the reason for the lack of foot traffic, it doesn't help that the mall really doesn't offer many stores. While stores aren't exactly lining up to enter the Hamilton Mall, there are stores that would get people back out to The Hamilton Mall.

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1. Dick's

There is a Dick's Sporting Goods stores over at Consumer Square, but putting it at the mall would make people have to go to the mall area.  Deptford has a Dick's as one of its anchor stores and if the Hamilton Mall could put one where Sears was, that could give you Macy's at one end and Dick's at the other, which should bring more foot traffic to the mall.

2. A Brewery

What's a better way to get guy to go to the mall with his wife or girlfriend?  Add a brewery. Deptford has a Bonesaw Brewery, I think adding a brewery to the mall could be another step in getting more traffic out there.  Dad having a beer, mom doing some shopping (or vice versa).

I think a brewery in the spot that used to be the home of Ruby Tuesday would be a perfect spot, right at one of the entrances, stop in grab a beer and go shopping.

3. Buckle

I know Buckle was at The Hamilton Mall and left, but if it came back, it would be another reason for people to come back to the mall.  I'm sure they have their reasons, but this area is really lacking a store like Buckle, which was a great spot for young adults with specialized stuff that was only sold in Buckle stores. We drive to Deptford just to shop at Buckle, so I can't be the only one from this area doing that.

4. Rally House

We all see the commercials for Rally House, but we really don't have one that is near by.  Millville is getting one, Deptford has a couple but putting one at the Hamilton Mall would be another place to grab Philly sports gear.  There aren't a ton of options in the area to get Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and all the local college teams gear, but maybe giving them a spot in the mall will help.

5. Apple Store

There is no Apple store anywhere near here, with the Cherry Hill Mall being the closest spot.  When the Apple store was on the Atlantic City boardwalk, the place was always filled. This is pretty self expletory, if you build an Apple store, they will come.

6. Lululemon

Luluemon has become a trendy store, but for people who are shopping for comfort. Runners, Yoga, etc, this is the kind of store people seek out, but we simply don't have in the area.

7. A better Food Court

The Food court needs to be reimagined.

You go to other malls and it seems like there is never a table available.  The Hamilton Mall never has a person sitting at a table. The last time I was there, the food court was down to about 3-4 options, pretty sad.

8. Best Buy

Best Buy is another store that is over at Consumer Square, but moving them over to The Hamilton Mall and making them one of the anchor locations would be another thing to bring people to the mall.  I'm sure Consumer Square wouldn't want to lose Dick's or Best Buy, but putting them at the mall would be easier and more convenient for shoppers.

While I understand that most of these stores would likely have no interest in moving or opening at The Hamilton Mall, but I think we can all agree that these stores being at the ball would help bring more people back.

9. The Boardwalk 

Everyone would agree that one of the unique things about our area is the boardwalk and the unique local spots on the boardwalk.

I think it would be neat if a section of the mall in the offseason was stores on the boardwalk. Many of the boardwalk stores close down in the offseason, but maybe they could have a shop inside the mall in during that time to help drive more traffic there.

It would be neat to have some of the local surf shops at the mall, places that we usually patronize during the summer months, but to have a place to check them out in the offseason.

Would be cool if the mall had a boardwalk feel with pizza shops, French fries, funnel cake, etc.  Bring the taste of the boardwalk to the mall from December-mid-May.

Get creative, give these stores discounted rent for the offseason to give a stretch of the mall a boardwalk feel during the winter and spring seasons.

So can the Hamilton Mall be saved?

I wouldn't expect these ideas to be all that realistic, but maybe the mall could approach some of these places and make them attractive offers that they can't refuse.

The mall has already given many non-traditional stores places in the mall, so maybe reach out to some popular local spots to see if they want a space for a discounted rate, especially in the offseason.

So what stores would make you head out to the mall?

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