Adventure's Aquarium's newest shark can't even swim! But it's a cool creature nonetheless, and one that YOU can help name.

Adventure Aquarium recently partnered with Philly's ultimate indoor LEGO playland, Legoland Discovery Center, to craft a 5-foot Great White Shark entirely out of LEGOs!

The creature took 8,500 LEGO bricks to build, according to CBS Philly. That's probably pretty heavy! It would sink right to the bottom of the ocean.

Still, for photo a fun photo op, the shark was dollied onto a Jersey shore beach to spend a few minutes on the sand, and is now back at Adventure Aquarium along Camden Waterfront waiting for a name.

The aquarium has narrowed down to three choices: Ben, Finny, or John.

Personally, I think this shark looks like a Ben, but I haven't met him in person yet. What do you think? You can VOTE HERE.

I wonder if he'd fit in my bathtub?

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