Round one of the quest to crown the hottest NFL cheerleading squad is in the books. A couple easy wins but also a few huge surprises. Go check out the first round for all the official results.

One note on the competition – The Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders will move on to the next round even though they lost in the first round. There are several reasons — there is an odd number of teams left because of the tournament layout (and number of teams with cheerleading squads), so one team would have had a ‘bye’ in the second round. So instead, we brought back the Colts who lost by less that .1% in the first round. Plus, Colts fans had a pretty crappy season so we decided to throw them a bone.

Now, on to Round Two, where the stakes got higher and the photos get hotter! Click on the team name to check out a photo gallery of each squad. Round Two voting ends January 16th.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders vs New England Patriots Cheerleaders

Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders vs Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders vs Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders



Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders vs Oakland Raiders Cheerleaders



Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders vs Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders



Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders vs New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders



St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders vs Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders