Now that Nick Foles has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Eagles focused on locking up Carson Wentz to a long term contract, there are still "What If" questions about the Eagles Backup Quarterback moving forward.  Nate Sudfeld has been a member of the Eagles roster since 2017 and has appeared in two regular season games while only attempting 25 passes.  The 6'6" Quarterback was a sixth round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft and outside of his familiarity with Doug Pederson's offense, there is uncertainty about if he has what it takes to fill in if Carson Wentz misses any games moving forward. Eagles Beat Writer Zack Rosenblatt joined Dashawn Hendricks on Tuesday and discussed the Eagles Backup Quarterback situation:

"You had Nick Foles and you knew what you had in Nick Foles, especially this last season when (Carson) Wentz went down towards the end (of the season). So that is a question and Doug Pederson...talked in the past about how when possible, he likes bringing in a developmental quarterback every year if he can and that means drafting a guy in the mid to late rounds and he sounded pretty enthusiastic about this crop of quarterbacks in that range. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they drafted someone.  The veteran Quarterback market is kind of thinned down as guys have signed elsewhere.  I still would expect (the Eagles) to bring (a Quarterback) to compete with Nate Sudfeld in training camp.  Even if it is a guy that you’re only signing purely to compete with Nate, I think that will be very valuable for a young guy like that who...doesn’t really have any real game experience. They got him in that Cowboy game (2018) Week 17, didn’t really matter. Then he played a series or two after Nick Foles got hurt in that Redskins win, that game was already out of hand. So they really don’t know what they have in him in terms of what he can do when the pressure is on. So it would be smart to bring some competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if they drafted and/or signed someone.”

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