Despite a drop off in number of Tackles and Sacks from 2015 to 2016, Fletcher Cox was selected to his second consecutive Pro Bowl last season along with being named by his peers as one of the NFL Top 100 Players (#38) for the second consecutive year.  Cox, who is a Two-time NFL All-Pro Second Team selection, was statistically among the 25 best players in the NFL last year in putting pressure on the Quarterback.  All of this is on the heels of Cox signing last year a Six Year, 103 Million Dollar Contract Extension with 63 Million Guaranteed.

New York Giants Offensive Lineman Adam Gettis joined Rich Quinones on Thursday and discussed how NFL Offensive Linemen view Fletcher Cox:

"Fletcher Cox, yeah that guy is a monster. We scheme for him all the time....You have to double team guys like Mike Daniels and Fletcher Cox because they are great players. They are able to disrupt the quarterback and disrupt the play. You try to keep the quarterback as clean as possible. It’s not just sacks, it’s the hits and putting the hands in the air and knocking down passes. There are a lot of factors to it. Once you double team one guy, the other three have to be really good at their pass blocking and have their fundamentals down."

Checkout what Gettis had to say about the Giants Offense heading into 2017 along with his perspective about playing games in London and issues with NFL player's pay

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