The Eagles open the 2018 season on Thursday, September 6th - which marks almost exactly nine months from the day when Carson Wentz injured his knee versus the Rams in Los Angeles in Week 14 on the 2017 NFL season.  While recovery for Knee Injury involving a Torn ACL and LCL that Wentz suffered is typically a 9-12 Month recovery time table, Wentz has been seen at Eagles' Offseason Activities moving around fluidly with a knee brace.  Then on Tuesday, ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen said the following on NFL Live:

Turron Davenport of USA Today Eagles Wire joined Josh Hennig on Tuesday and discussed his observations of Carson Wentz's progress at Eagles OTA's:

"He’s definitely progressing well, right now it’s a mental thing where he’s trying to get used to having that brace on his knee. It’s a bulky brace so he’s trying to get used to moving with that and just having that limitation there. But when he’ not rolling out and things like that, you really can’t even tell that he was hurt. You see him in the catch and throw drills, you see him planting and driving the football down the field. He looks really good there but you see a little hitch in his step when he boots, when they roll him out and he makes throws on the run, which is understandable. I think he’s in an outstanding place, he’s not taking part in team of Seven-on-Seven (Drills), but he’s definitely getting involved in the other parts, the individual parts of the practices....But just given the nature of how he plays the game, the way he self sacrifices, he’s someone that will fight for that extra yard at the end of a run. But he has started to learn to slide, so you see him doing that, you see him stepping out of bounds, he’s not taking as many big hits"

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