Six weeks into the NFL season, the Eagles defense has played well and is on par with their performance last season.  This season, the defense is Fifth in the NFL in Points Per Game Allowed (19.5 versus 18.4 in 2017) along with Second Fewest Rushing Yards Allowed (in 2017 they were Best in NFL), and Sixth Fewest Passing Touchdowns Allowed (in 2017 the defense ranked 18th in the NFL).  Where the 2018 Defense has been less effective is Turnovers Forced because in 2017 they finished the year Fourth Best in the NFL yet this season the Eagles are 23rd in the NFL.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles Analyst Barrett Brooks joined Mike Gill on Monday discussing the play of the defense so far this season:

"The defense has definitely played well - This defense is all predicated on getting pressure up front. When you get pressure up front, it gives your secondary a little more of an opportunity to cover their guys and that’s what we lacked in the games we lost and lacked in the games where we didn’t blow anybody out. If you let those guys up front go out there and hunt, allow our (Defensive Backs) get up a little closer to guys and challenge them a little bit at different times, just don’t sit back like we did…that’s what we have to do, mix it up a little bit, don’t just run that single high safety or cover three or man free type of defense. We have to get up on guys and challenge them a little bit. If we are playing back, make sure they don’t just run past us and that's the difference between what we ran before and what we ran (Sunday).”

Hear what Brooks had to say about the Eagles Offensive Line, if the Eagles should make any deals before the Trade Deadline, and perspective on NFC East rivals

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