Heading into the 2017 season, most of the stench from the Chip Kelly era is gone, replaced with plenty of talent working on just one year deals. 

The reshaping of the roster was a task left to Howie Roseman, who was re-appointed to replace Kelly after be banished down the hall to the mail-room, losing a power struggle to the former head coach after the 2014 season.

His first order of business was bringing in Doug Pederson as head coach, and from there it was about weeding out many of the players Kelly brought to Philadelphia.

Not every move he has made worked out, but he has certainly made some high profile moves, adding guys like Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith and LeGarrette Blount to the offensive side of the ball.  His biggest move was moving up in the draft from 13 up to No. 2 overall to grab his quarterback of the future in the 2016 draft when he took Carson Wentz. He than followed that up by dealing Sam Bradford just eight days before the season and retained a first-round pick (Derek Barnett).

While many Eagles fans are critical of Roseman, it's hard to judge what exactly he has done in his two stints as GM, particularly during the Andy Reid era.  During the Reid era, many believe while Roseman had the title of GM, but Reid had the final say on personnel decisions.  Then during the Chip Kelly era, many believe that Kelly had more power and made many of the personnel decisions.

Which picks is he responsible for, which drafts did Roseman have full power over?  We'll most likely never have a clear answer.  There have been trades, signings and drafts - and Roseman is widely praised as being one of the league’s better GMs when it comes to managing the cap, but when push comes to shove the team has been pretty mediocre under his watch, and on Thursday, For The Win’s Steven Ruiz ranked him 21st overall.

It’s still difficult to rank Roseman because we don’t know how much say he had during the Chip Kelly years. But he’s done some good work after Kelly was sent packing. The Eagles roster is in a good spot and could be ready to contend in the NFC East as soon as the 2017 season. But Roseman’s reputation as a GM will depend solely on the development of QB Carson Wentz and we don’t know how the second-year pro will pan out.

Since Roseman took over the role of general manager back in 2010, the Eagles have been a mediocre 56-56 but have no playoff wins and just two appearances. They enter the 2017 season having missed the playoffs each of the past three seasons.

Whether or not Roseman has done enough over the past two offseasons to reshape the mess  that Kelly left roster and get it back to the postseason remains to be seen, but he has made some moves that at least have Eagles fans thinking playoffs in 2017.

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