A team that had such promise and high expectations coming into this season now looks like the doormat of the NBA. This Sixers team is lost and no one wants to take that leadership role, its a team that plays with no passion, energy or sense of urgency, and who quite simply lacks in talent.

So finally Doug Collins decided to throw his hands up in disgust and call out his players at a recent post game press conference. But are the players truly at fault here or does Doug Collins need to take more responsibility? After all, it's Collins who had strong input on the type of players the franchise brought in during the offseason. It's the coach who puts together a game plan and defines players roles, both of which I've been critical of Doug for not doing very well at all this season.

But even with that said, in a self proclaimed "players" league, I think it's time these players on this team show some accountability for their lack of action, effort and energy on the floor. And while they're at it, a little personality on this team would be nice. Heck, how about just a pulse!

I think Doug is willing to take his fair share of blame, but these collection of players haven't shown me the desire to do better or be better individually or as a team. Sadly Sixers fans, you have a collection of young paycheck players who won't don't take ownership for anything accept their fancy cars and big money contracts. Is Doug Collins to blame for all of this mess? Not nearly as much as the guys on the floor playing the game.