In the Eagles loss to the Packers on Monday Night, Philadelphia lost the Time Of Possession battle by a significant margin as Green Bay had the ball for Ten minutes and 46 seconds more than the home team Eagles.  Only 18 of the Eagles' 58 Offensive Plays did they run the ball which puts more pressure on Rookie Quarterback Carson Wentz.  Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson, a former Offensive Coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs, is the primary play caller on Offense so the responsibility of play call balance comes down to his decisions.

USA Today Eagles Reporter Turron Davenport joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and discussed his perspective on Doug Pederson's play calling:

"(Pederson) needs to give up some of those play calling assignments to (Offensive Coordinator) Frank Reich and allow Reich, an experienced play caller, to have his input....I think it's time for him to get other guys involved.  I think a guy like a (Running Backs Coach) Duce Staley has to go to him and say 'Hey Coach, listen, let's not forget to run the football' and if Duce is not doing that then shame on Duce....(Eagles) are making themselves one dimensional so they are doing it for the (opposing) defense.  You have to find that balance and I understand that the score might have gotten away from them a little bit but you are still within striking distance and you just have to have that commitment to the run to make the defense be honest against the run.  That's my big issue with Doug Pederson is he is getting away from the running game and you can't do that and I think having that outside influence, a guy like again like Duce (Staley) or Frank Reich to reinforce the need to run the football would help....and let the coaching staff that you built around you enhance you further."

Hear what Davenport had to say about Nelson Agholor being a healthy scratch, the play of Carson Wentz on Monday Night, and his analysis of Jim Schwartz's defense