Is tanking an issue in baseball?

The Delaware Valley went through what was dubbed "The Process", no many teams in the NBA are following suit.   But is tanking really an issue in Major League Baseball?

Dave Sheinin of The Washington Post thinks so.

While many people look at the mid-ground of the NBA to be considered purgatory, MLB is starting to become a league of haves-and-have-nots.

Many contend that the Astros and Cubs are just two examples of MLB teams that "threw away" multiple seasons, in order to accumulate assets to better their franchise.  Sheinin mentions that while the Washington Nationals don't have a World Series title to show for their efforts, they too tanked, landing pitcher Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper.

The Astros remind me a lot of the Sixers, a team that was perpetually stuck in the middle and  never considered a real contender.

So they, like the Sixers, started over, to change their perception.

in 2010 the Astros were stuck in the middle-ground, after finishing 76-86 they decided to starter over.

In 2011 they won just 56 games, in 2012 they won 55 games and in 2013 they won just 51 games. The Sixers, like the Astros got worse, in 2013-14 they won 19 games, in 14-15 they won 18 games and in 15-16 they won just 10 games. The 2014 Astros made some progress, going from 51 to 70 wins - while the 16-17 Sixers went from 10 wins to 28. Next Houston went from 70-to-86 and made the playoffs, the Sixers stayed on a similar path, going from 28-to-52, making the playoffs and winning a round.

We all know the Astros have won a World Seriers, just seven years after winning just 56 games, they won 101 games and brought home a World Series title.

Where will the Sixers be two seasons from now?

If the Astros model is any indication, maybe Broad Street.

Hear Clayton’s full interview with Sheinin:

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