The topic of Ben Simmons talent and value to the 76ers has been a controversial subject among Sixers fans and on NBA Twitter over the last couple years.  While it is hard to measure how important Simmons is to the 76ers since the team is just 2-2 in the four regular season games he has missed over the last two seasons, there is a perspective that Ben Simmons does not elevate the team and at times limits the 76ers on offense.  From his Rookie season to Year Two, Simmons has improved his Points Per Game (15.8 to 16.9), Rebounds Per Game (8.1 to 8.8) and Free Throw Shooting Percentage (56% to 60%).  But what we have not seen from Simmons on the court is the evolution in his game as he still has not added any perimeter shooting to his offensive repertoire and unlike his teammate Joel Embiid, there has not been a significant amount of growth in his game.  The perception of Simmons' limited elevation of his game from year one to year two has been the underlying catalyst in much of the criticism that is targeted towards Ben Simmons.

ESPN NBA Front Office Insider Bobby Marks joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday with his perspective on Ben Simmons at this point in his career:

"You saw right off the first possession (in Game Two, Ben Simmons) was downhill all game.  He was attacking the basket, he was setting guys up, we saw him post up a little bit too.  Based on his size, if he wants to try to take over a game, he’s basically unguardable and when you get (JJ) Redick going and you get Jimmy Butler going, we certainly know what Joel (Embiid) can be when he’s on the floor, Ben, basically, ignites that offense there. -  Is there another level to Ben Simmons? Is this what we are going to continue to get and yes, he’s certainly an all star but how can you get him to that all-NBA type on a consistent basis? We did (in Game Two) and it’s gonna be fascinating because you guys know, he’s up for a big contract (next) summer, but is there anything else with his game that can come along? Are we going to see a player that can burn someone from the perimeter standpoint? We know the flaws there, or is this gonna be who he is, an all-star level player (averaging) 18 (points)-8 (Rebounds)-8 (Assists) guy but kind of plateau there.”

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