An Atlantic County Business may be on the verge of closing forever.

The Tilton Inn, on Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Township (very close to Northfield) has been around for as long as many people can remember.

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The Tilton Inn is up for sale

In a post on, the iconic business is listed for sale. It first went on the market back in October.

Tilton Inn is located at Tilton and Hingston Avenue.

The property is being offered for the asking price of $2,925,000. That price includes the bar and restaurant. The listing says the price does not include the liquor license.

Tilton Inn

The Tilton Inn has a deep history

We can't find any information online as to just how long Tilton Inn has been operating, but locals say it's more than 40 years.

For me, it's always been a great place for lunch or dinner - and that after-work beer and snack.

The food has always been good, and the staff welcoming.

It's often a place where people go as a night's destination - or a place to stop on the way to or from something else.

Here's a review of the Tilton Inn from Will - on Yelp: "The food here is pretty good drinks and ice and cold and the service is OK. The Tilton special is one of our favorites, and we almost always get it. I mean, how do you go wrong when you put bacon on your sandwich?"

It certainly will be missed.

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Will the Tilton Inn close before it's sold?

There is speculation being batted around some local social media about the property closing this fall, but that's not been confirmed.

It's sad to see a local institution or landmark up for sale, isn't it?


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