It was last September that a pop-up car rally turned deadly in Wildwood. Two people were killed in a crash and chaos was happening all around.

It was a non-sanctioned, non-approved event in Wildwood and the city and police are not happy.

Now, Wildwood Police have announced they, along with city officials, are doing their best to see that a similar event doesn't happen in the city this year.

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Police released a statement Monday, saying they've been monitoring online chatter about another possible event all year long. They say several online groups have had information about another H2Oi rally:

"The Wildwood Police Department with the assistance of the City of Wildwood Solicitor were able to quickly identify the promoters of these groups and legally advise them to cease and desist their promotion of these unsanctioned events. All of these have been removed from the social media platforms as of this press release."

Authorities say they are doing their best to try to monitor social media for further talk about a rally. They also say that if such a rally does pop up again, they will be ready to act:

"We want to be clear we have no credible information that this event is occurring in a large-scale manner as of this date, but we will continue to do our due diligence in attempting to prevent it, while still preparing for it."

SOURCE: Wildwood Police Department.

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