'Tis the season for elaborate Christmas lights displays popping up all over South Jersey. This one in Northfield, Atlantic County is no exception, and over-the-top on the best way! We tell you where to find it.

Clearly, these festive folks were working WAY before Thanksgiving to prepare this blindingly awesome display. It's as colorful as it is cheerful!

Santa is represented, so are his elves and reindeer, even the home's carport is dripping in lights and decorations.

Over on the Northfield NJ Lounge page on Facebook, it sounds like this Christmas lights display is a tradition, and neighbors like Ginny Wolf say they look forward to it going up every holiday season.

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Terri Gladden took quite a comprehensive video of the display, which she says can be found at 113 Davis Avenue in Northfield (between Fuae Ave. and Broad St.).

Google Maps; Canva
Google Maps; Canva

Click the purple button below to see the lights in action for yourself!

Wow! I hope the family at 113 Davis Ave. remembers to enter our 'Light Up South Jersey' contest with Atlantic City Electric because it could score them $500! That would certainly help with their energy bill, lol.

Where are there other elaborate Christmas lights displays in South Jersey? Tip us off in the comments below!

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