This is a story about how my husband used Taylor Swift to get in the news.

I couldn't make this up if I tried, lol.

My husband often accompanies his friend Tom to New York Jets games, because Tom's a season ticket holder.

But this past Sunday, my hubby's sole purpose for attending was to try to get on TV and possibly Taylor Swift's attention. The crowd was unusually un-footballish at MetLife Stadium Sunday because Swifties just wanted to get a glimpse of their queen and just be where she was (supporting her new man Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs).

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Now, to provide some context, this is a guy who lives in a house (with me) where he'll BUY me Taylor Swift albums but hates when I play them, lol. He'll say he has tremendous respect for her but isn't a fan. It's just not his bag. Meanwhile, I'm one of earth's most prolific Swifties. I speak about her, her life, and all things related as if I know her, and I refuse to apologize for it, lol.

So, this is why I was cracking up as he spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday before the game angling for a way to make news for pretending to be there for Taylor Swift. I was supportive but also angry at him for invoking Taylor Swift when he normally could care less about her.


He had gone to a local mall with the goal of having custom 'Where's Taylor?' t-shirts made for he and his buddy to sport at the game. They wanted to be seen by NBC Sunday Night Football cameras. But the store at the mall was, um, less than cooperative (it helps if people actually CARE there are customers in their store).

Instead, he and his buddy turned to arts and crafts to get their point across. They used hot pink tape and wrote their messages on it and taped it to themselves. Clever.

courtesy S. Campbell
courtesy S. Campbell

And during the Jets tailgate, a reporter from the New York Times noticed them, interviewed them about Traylor and the Jets, and even took photos of them. Sean and Tom made the article that was ultimately published. CRAZY, huh?!

Tom, who's from Manahawkin, told NYT that a couple dozen people asked to take photos with him and that he'd never seen a team (like the Chiefs) bring a crowd like the one that formed at MetLife Stadium Sunday night.

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Hmm. Gotta admit, I'm slightly jealous. REAL SWIFTIES like ME deserve to be interviewed about Taylor, lol. Not some opportunists like these two (I say all this with LOVE, I promise, lol.)

Did you or someone you know hit up MetLife Stadium JUST because Taylor Swift was in the house? Let us know in the comments.

Watch Taylor's high-profile arrival to MetLife Stadium for the Chiefs vs Jets game with celebrity friends.

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