If you live at the Jersey Shore, you know how busy things are on Memorial Day Weekend.

If you visit the shore on Memorial Day Weekend, you know how busy things are.

But what if you are a police officer in a Jersey Shore town on Memorial Day Weekend? What's that like?

Guess what -- they're really busy, too.

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Thanks to one shore town posting some stats online, we can now get a good idea of what officers handled over the course of just a few days.

Ventnor NJ City Hall and Police Department - Photo: Google Maps
Ventnor NJ City Hall and Police Department - Photo: Google Maps

The Ventnor City Police Department, which covers just under two square miles of land, took to Facebook on Tuesday to share a weekend scorecard of everything they dealt with...

  • Calls for service: 365 (over 90/day)
  • Total arrests: 12
  • DWI arrests: 4
  • Motor vehicle crashes: 18 (3 resulted in DWI arrests)
  • Parking complaints: 39
  • Noise complaints: 8
  • Disturbances: 5
  • Domestic violence incidents: 6
  • Motor vehicle stops: 86
  • Parking violations issued: 98
  • Moving violations issued: 65

Again, Ventnor is just under two square miles (Atlantic City is five times larger). It's a relatively small town. And pretty quiet, too.

Hundreds of calls, 18 accidents handled, 98 parking tickets written, half-a-dozen domestic violence incidents resolved -- all in one long weekend.

As for the DWI arrests, police say this:

As the summer months are just starting to kick off, the Ventnor City Police Department would like to remind everyone to Not Drink and Drive. Be a HERO. Be a Designated Driver.

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My husband is a police officer. He is an amazing man who saves lives and upholds the law. He makes me proud every single day.

I know being a police officer can come with a lot of criticism, especially when there are bad eggs that give police officers a bad name. I can assure you that there are many police officers that uphold the law and do not abuse it, and my husband is one of them.

I hear stories when my husband comes home and he tells me that he encounters some crazy people. I feel like it is very simple to not get arrested by a police officer once you're pulled over or have an encounter with a cop. I went right to my hubby and he gave me some tips to share with all of you.

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