PHILADELPHIA ( - DeSean Jackson is not playing in Minnesota on Sunday.

While that was not carved in stone by Doug Pederson Wednesday, the Eagles coach's words proved to be the GPS to get you to that destination.

“DeSean, we’re going to try to at least progress him this week, get him on the field,” Pederson said. “See what he can do, from a rehab standpoint only. See where he’s at and go from there.”

There here is some murkiness surrounding the extent of Jackson's injury with one doctor recommended surgery for a slight tear in the abdomen, a description that would indicate a sports hernia, something reported and ESPN's Adam Schefter echoed on a Philadelphia-area radio station this morning.

On Monday, Pederson said Jackson’s injury was an abdominal strain and wouldn't need surgery but takes time to heal.

"It’s just a strain, as far as I know," the coach said before invoking some plausible deniability with his sense of humor. "You might want to ask our doctors. I'm going to wear a stethoscope in here and a lab coat."

With no practice this week it's obvious that Jackson will be ruled out for the Vikings by Friday and no matter how you define his abdomen issue his availability in Dallas on Oct. 20 and moving past that is now more open-ended, although everyone insists the speedy receiver is getting closer.

"I would think with a guy like DeSean, he's a track guy, he's a runner, obviously he's got to have a level of comfort with that injury, all the stopping and starting and things of that nature," Pederson assessed. "It's really until I think he gets to that point that we make a decision."

Jackson was spectacular in the season opener against Washington and tapped out after just a handful of plays in Atlanta in Week 2 with what was first described as a groin injury before being shifted.

Over his prior 11 NFL seasons, Jackson had only played in 16 games twice during his rookie season with the Eagles in 2008 and again in his last season during his first stint in Philadelphia, 2013.

“It’s part of it, but it’s not what makes or breaks the deal,” Pederson answered when asked about whether the injury history was weighed when the decision to bring the 32-year-old back was made. “We knew the type of player we were getting, the explosiveness, an electric player, a player who wanted to be back in Philly. The injury part didn’t factor into it much at all.”

Jackson did not oractice Wednesday and the Eagles receivers have not generated many explosive plays since he's exited the lineup.

"We still feel we have the guys that are capable, without a doubt," QB Carson Wentz said.  "DeSean is his own type of player in that regard, but we still feel that we're capable of doing that and we'll still attack downfield when it's there."

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