Could Cole Hamels be making his final start for the Phillies today?

With the Major League baseball trade deadline this Friday July 31, the biggest questions Phillies fans want to know is will Hamels be traded and where is he going?

"It's four teams, its the Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox and Texas, senior baseball writer Jayson Stark told me during the Stark Report on Friday's show.  "Those are the primary teams and I think there;s a different between how some of them match up and how motivated they are, but its hard for me to imagine the Phillies won't be able to find a match with somebody."

So while Stark believes that Hamels will in fact be traded which of those four teams seems to be the most sense?

We started with the Cubs.

"I think they are extremely interested. Stark admitted.  "But I question the match."

Stark explained the Cubs want to center a deal around Javier Baez and Starlin Castro, both middle infielders who are not the type of players the Phillies are looking for or the approach the Phillies are looking to take.

"I hear they're way more interested right now in arms than they are in bats," Stark said. "They need outfielders and arms, the Cubs are shopping infielders. I don't really see how they match up, other than the Cubs really like Cole Hamels."

Then there is the Dodgers, are they the most likely and best fit?

"I don't think so anymore," Stark stated.  "I don't really think in the end they are going to be the team that ends up with COle Hamels, at least right now."

The Astros and A's this week made a move sending lefty pitcher Scott Kazmir to Houston, taking the Astros out of the market for Hamels, but what did that deal do for the Hamels market?

"It told us a little something," Stark said.  "When you watch the Phillies try to make a deal, doesn't it seem like they agonize over every little detail of it?  They worry about how it's going to be perceived, they wonder about how close the guys they are getting back are going to be.  The Phillies are under such intense pressure internally and externally to make a deal.  It's a window into way the Phillies are having trouble making this trade and all trades."

"I think the Phillies have the most complicated management structure in the sport, maybe in all sports," Stark said about the Phillies current front office set up. "To have a situation where Ruben makes the calls, Pat makes the decisions and Andy is the guy who has to live with it all is complicated."

"Ruben is not going to make this deal, I think everyone should get that straight, Pat Gillick is ultimately going to make the Cole Hamels trade. What we don't know, what no one knows is what happens if Pat wants to make the deal and Andy doesn't want to make the deal - I had someone tell me the other day that no way Pat is going to defer to Andy, this is going to be Pat's call."

One report during the trade talks for Hamels is that the Phillies asking price has been too high for Hamels, the Phillies have been asking for deals that simply aren't made anymore - they asked the Dodgers for one of their top prospects in Corey Seager, the Dodgers were unwilling, but the Phillies countered by asking for six players - something that doesn't happen anymore.

(Listen to Jayson Stark on the Sports Bash)

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