For the second straight day, the Flyers went to overtime.

This time the stakes were higher than two points against a divisional opponent.

In this case, the gamble is defenseman Kimmo Timonen's future.

The Flyers want more time to decide whether the 39-year-old Finn should be allowed to play even though he still has a blood clot in his right calf.

Timonen, general manager Ron Hextall, director of medical services Jim McCrossin and a team of doctors all had a conference call Wednesday and the Flyers have all the information about what it would take for Timonen to play in his 16th NHL season.

Now it's just about assessing the risk.

"We don't have any answers there," Hextall said, on a separate conference call with reporters. "We're going through our process here and doing our due diligence that needs to be done rather than making a rash decision. We're not gonna have anything for … I hate to guess, but it's not going to be until the next day or so."

Last Saturday, the Flyers learned that the blood clots that formed over the summer in Timonen's lungs had disappeared, but the clot in his leg is still there after months of him taking the blood thinner Xarelto.


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